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               “psychē is the conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind, which generates and dynamically connects our thoughts, emotions and physical feelings.”

                           While the psyche is rooted in our internal, non-physical perceptions, it is profoundly intertwined with our somatic experiences; the care of both our mental states and human interactions is fundamental to a healthy relationship with ourselves and others, and an overall wellness in our lives.  

                             At Psyche Wellness, licensed clinical professionals apply evidence based therapeutic methods and dynamic-relational counseling to tend to the psyche of individuals, couples and families. Psyche Wellness contradicts the term Mental Illness and describes the goal of nurturing and maintaining emotional health, which is central to our professional services and our personal beliefs.

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Amanda Rivas

Prioritizing mental health, now more than ever, is paramount to leading a healthy and fulfilling life. The personal and systemic traumas we encounter can lead to increased anxiety, isolation, depression and physical ailments. I have vast experience working in integrated health and understanding how stress and trauma impact us physically. I also recognize the secondary trauma that can arise from dealing with the systems meant to help us. I specialize in trauma-informed therapy and am EMDR trained.

I am a bilingual (Spanish/English) and bicultural therapist, having 13 years of clinical experience across several states (NY, MI, IL). I have an extensive background working with survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence, as well as their families. I enjoy working with those often marginalized or underserved. The decision to start therapy is a decision to start focusing more attention and energy on yourself, to realign mind and body, and to find balance. Creating a non-judgmental, safe, and reliable space is my number one priority. Creating a non-judgmental, safe, and reliable space is my number one priority, to help and guide you through this journey. I look forward to seeing how we can work together to make impactful changes and explore personal growth.

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Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor  

Monica Guzmán

My ideal client is someone ready to change and reflect about life. This can be scary, painful, intimidating; leading sometimes to leave things as they are. However, a thirst for a more fulfilling life is often present: Sometimes hiding behind a creative interest, meaningful music, places that feel like home, a certain moments when we feel more hopeful. Alongside my clients, I deeply enjoy finding those special pieces of fulfillment together. With time and intention, these become a foundation for healing, change and deeper reflection.

I’m a bilingual Registered Art Therapist and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, with a specialty in trauma-informed theories, EMDR, and relational therapeutic perspectives. I often work somatically alongside clients to assist in connecting psychological experiences and emotions to their body to promote and support personal self-growth. There’s endless shared humanity in our suffering. There’s also an eagerness for more from life when we suffer. That’s why we most commonly decide to start therapy. In working together, my intention is to collaboratively help you find the life you want to live, regain your access to love and play, and expand your experience of shared humanity.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Paige Gesicki 

I infuse warmth, authenticity and humor into my clinical interactions, helping clients of all ages feel accepted while addressing their specific wants and needs. I use a client-centered, strengths-based stance which fosters a respectful, comfortable environment to explore and process emotions. In our collaborative relationship, clients will feel supported in their self-reflection and motivated to replace counterproductive patterns with more helpful narratives that align with their values.

I truly enjoy my work and believe that humans have a natural tendency towards growth if their strengths are uncovered and encouraged. My clinical experience includes providing therapeutic services in community-based mental health, as well as psychoeducation and counseling with families struggling with neurocognitive diseases. I have experience working in school, hospital, and outpatient settings where I have treated a variety of mood disorders including depression and anxiety, as well as those facing chronic illnesses, relationship issues and life transitions, using therapeutic models including CBT, ACT, ERP, trauma-based therapy, and mindfulness techniques


Dylan Nelson-Sease  

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor  

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, I practice from a humanistic approach that is trauma-informed and tailored to each client's needs. I believe that trauma is a universal human experience that can be complex in nature or characterized by the struggles of daily life. My approach creates a warm, reflective environment where people gain capacity for personal growth and a deeper understanding of human experience. I blend complementary approaches to support clients in living a more value-driven and meaningful life.

I view people holistically, implementing skill-building techniques of ACT and CBT approaches, while incorporating themes of existentialism, positive psychology, attachment theory, and motivational interviewing. My experience includes several years of providing therapeutic services in nonprofit community mental health. I strive to create a nonjudgmental, safe space where people have the capacity to explore their thoughts, feelings, and intuitions in order to overcome life's obstacles. I take a collaborative, strengths-based approach to therapy and join my clients in their journey to self-discovery.


Michael Cummings 

LCPC - Founder & Clinical Director

I believe relationships are at the heart of all human experiences. My approach nurtures the creation of a therapeutic relationship based on respect and trust as a healthy context in which all other relationships, both past and present can be explored. A unique and personalized therapeutic process develops by looking through this relational lens together, in which my clients can bring into focus a tremendous amount of new awareness and a limitless ability for personal growth. 

I specialize in providing treatment and support for adults, adolescents and couples experiencing both everyday and complex life challenges. I have an affinity for working in the contexts of relationship difficulties, life and career transitions, male issues (working alongside both men, women and couples), trauma, grief and bereavement. I have experience working with anxiety and depression, as well as schizophrenia and bipolar diagnoses. I also have first hand experience in exploring the complexities of career satisfaction as well as career transition, having originally been educated and practiced as an architect for many years prior to becoming a psychotherapist.

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Chicago, IL 60601

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